Are Double Watch Winders Safe for Your Watch?
Are Double Watch Winders Safe for Your Watch?

Are Double Watch Winders Safe for Your Watch?

Some people wonder whether the best double watch winder is safe for their luxury watches or not. Generally, a good quality double watch winder will not damage your automatic mechanical watch. The movement of the watch winder will keep the watch’s mainspring wound. But a poor-quality watch winder may not be safe for your luxury watch.

Does a Double Watch Winder Really Wind Watches?

Most people mistakenly think that a double watch winder will wind an automatic watch, which is not true. Double watch winders will keep a watch wound at the level the watch’s mainspring was wound. An unwound automatic watch normally requires around 30 manual winds to 40 manual winds to fully wind a watch’s mainspring. During the day, the watch should be at optimum performance and, generally, stay wound, depending on how much the wearer moves.

The best double watch winder will keep an automatic watch operating and wound at that level. Once at time, the watch will take advantage of some extra winds of the crown.

Why Do People Think that Double Watch Winders Can Damage Watches?

Some people argue that keeping the watch gears, components, and mechanical parts under tension and in constant use for a long time can lead to wear more quickly as well as reduce the watch’s lifespan. Instead of keeping it wound, they say that giving the watch a break can help to give longevity to the automatic mechanism of the watch. Therefore, the automatic watch can last for a longer time. Some others also argue that watch winders use a full axial rotation.

The full axial rotation can lead to torque forces on the watch, which it would not generally experience when you wear it on your wrist. Due to this issue, they state that the best double watch winder can damage the watch’s automatic mechanism.

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