3 Ways to Use a Luxury Watch Winder Safe Properly
3 Ways to Use a Luxury Watch Winder Safe Properly

3 Ways to Use a Luxury Watch Winder Safe Properly

A luxury watch winder safe is not only functional but also prestigious. The design and capabilities of the device also contribute to the increase of the price. But, how to use the device properly to optimize the function? And why is it important?

Why Do You Need It?

There are some valid reasons why you need the watch winder safe. It will help you improve the longevity of your luxury watch’s movement. This is possible to happen due to the oil found in the mechanism. Not only that but having the watch winder also allows you to get rid of inconvenience caused by the need to wind and re-set your watch frequently.

How to Use It Properly

Before setting up the watch winder, you need to know that the initial synchronizing procedure of the automatic watch can be very tricky. It needs you to do trials and errors. Here are some tips to help you use the luxury watch winder safe properly.

  1. Start Manually

First of all, you need to start winding your watch manually. This is because the device will not winder your watch if it stops completely. You can do it simply by turning the crown of the watch 20 – 30 times.

  1. Keep Your Watch Carefully

The next thing you need to do is placing your watch in the winder’ carefully. Keep in mind that the watch should be seated properly in the holder. After that, make sure that you adjust the Turns Per Day (TPD) into it’s lowest setting. Also, don’t forget to pick up bi-redirectional rotation mode when setting the TPD. 

  1. Turn the Winder On

For the next step, you have to turn the watch winder box on. Check the watch periodically for the next 48 hours or so. This is to make sure that the watch works properly and keeps accurate time. Most of the time, automatic watches come with 40 hours of reserve on average from the time the devices have been wound. If, after two days, the time is still correct, then it is the right setting for you. In this way, you don’t need to experiment with the setting anymore.

How to Corect the Setting

If you find that the TPD setting of the luxury watch winder safe is incorrect, you need to experiment more. To find the rightest TPD setting, you need to increase it to the next level. You can also repeat the steps mentioned above if necessary. Set up the watch winder so it can only rotate clockwise. Repeat the procedure until you find the rightest setting for your needs.

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